Top 10 ‘Sharknado’ Movie Sequels Countdown: #8

#8) ‘Trailer Parknado’ – Must be made if just for the irony, though too politically incorrect to do so and quite frankly overdone. However, if the script could be rewritten so that instead of a trailer park being picked up by a tornado and the wreckage spewed throughout the countryside, a trailer factory is picked up. The tornado would then be free to hastily deposit empty trailers throughout the countryside and virtually provide an endless supply of them as well. 

Of course, this version of the 'Nado' movie series would be the most lacking in creditably of all the others in the genre simply because, dispute the state-of-the-art CGI effects, everybody knows nothing is made in American anymore. So the movie would have to be shot in either Mexico, India or China.  

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