Texas Man’s Constant Cravings for Horseflesh Takes Roll in Hay; Now Charged with Sex Crime

“Where’s PETA when you need them?”
Houston, Texas --

A Texas man who allegedly had sex with a mare (a female horse) named Nadia, but could not be charged with anything more than trespassing for a lack of bestiality laws, is now being charged with a nexus case of equine rape, as police have since determined the interspecies copulation was not consensual. 

“Police originally only charged him with trespassing,” said Nadia's owner who secretly installed a security camera in the barn to catch the man in the act. 

After viewing the video of the incident that the owner provided, police, however, quickly changed their minds. 

“Judging from the security tape we have recently obtained, it appears that the sex act with the horse couldn’t have been consensual,” said police. “Because, all throughout the video, the horse can clearly be heard as saying, ‘Nay, nay, nay’.” 

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