Melee Breaks Out at ‘Breaking Dawn’ During Right to Life Vs. Pro-Choice Debate

Hollywood, California –

Chants of “Team Jacob!” and “Team Edward!” among the mostly female and teenaged viewing audience of the movie ‘Breaking Dawn’ were quickly replaced by shouts of “It’s a Fetus!” and “It’s a Baby!”

The Right to Life and Pro-Choice debate unexpectedly surfaced when in a scene in the movie featured two females vampires characters describing Bella Swan’s unborn child in one of two divergent ways: one as a fetus and the other as a baby.

So heated and divisive was the debate, two best friends forever (BFFs) both avid fans of the ‘Twilight’ novellas and movie series soon find themselves on opposite sides of the argument, right there in the cinema.

With the house lights on, the usher warned the theater audience for the last time to simmer down or he would not turn the movie projector back on.

“I’ll kick out the whole lot of you, too!” threatened the usher.

The near mob slowly began to calm down.

However, not before two BFFs looked at each other in shock as they heard over the quieting din of the crowd each other’s voices expressing opposite opinions.

“It’s a fetus,” whispered a defiant Buffy. A teenaged girl to her BFF, as they both sat back down in their seats.

“It’s a baby,” Jodi whispered right back, equally as defiant.

“Look,” said Buffy offering popcorn to Jodi, as the house lights dimmed and the ‘Breaking Dawn’ movie resumed. “We’re fighting over nothing.”

“You call a baby, 'nothing?” replied Jodi.

“You know that’s not what I meant,” said Buffy.

“Oh?” said Jodi. “What did you mean then?”

“It’s all a matter of semantics,” said Buffy.

“Wait,” said Jodi. “What does being Jewish have to with anything?”

“Semantics, silly,” said Buffy. “Not Semitic.”

“Oh,” said Jodi. “Okay. Go on then.”

“Like I was saying,” continued Buffy. “We’re arguing over nothing, because it’s all semantics really.”

“Really?” repeated a doubtful Jodi.

“Really,” said Buffy. “Because whatever is inside Bella.”

“Whatever?” repeated Jodi.

“Yes, whatever is inside Bella,” said Buffy. “Whether you call it a baby or I a fetus, it’s killing her, right?”

“Right,” said Jodi.

“Therefore it has to be killed,” Buffy paused to give Jodi a chance to mentally catch-up with her point. “Because…”

“I get it!” said Jodi. “Because, it’s a murderer!”

“That’s right,” said Buffy. “Now can we please get back to watching the movie?”

“Yeah, sure,” said Jodi.

Later, after the movie credits rolled on the silver screen and as the two BFFs exited the theater, Jodi turned to Buffy, asking her a question.

“There’s just one thing I don’t understand,” said Jodi.

“What?” replied Buffy.

“How can a baby be a murderer?” said Jodi. “It’s innocent. It doesn’t have a developed mind yet, so how can it be tried, convicted and executed as an adult? Not until at least age 18, or 12 in Texas. And one of the perquisites for a murder conviction is premeditation…Unless you’re advocating capital punishment for the crime of manslaughter? Are you advocating capital punishment for the crime of manslaughter, Buffy?”

“Huh,” Buffy thought to herself. “I can’t believe I fell for the Straw Man argument.”

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