Mitt Romney to Lead His People [a.k.a. Corporations] to the Promised Land

Washington, D.C. –

"Corporations are people," said Mitt Romney, the self-professed messiah of corporate America. "In fact, they are my people. And if elected President of the United States, I intend to lead them home to the Promised Land."

Mitt Romney describes the Promised Land as one that is free of all government regulation, oversight and especially taxes.

"Right now," said Mitt Romney. "My people are held captive abroad. Unable to return home due to this Pharaoh-like regime, which ‘shekels’ down my people."

Mitt Romney says that once elected, he and his chief of staff will lead large sums of capital out of low interest-bearing bank accounts, held in the names of offshore wholly owed subsidiaries of American corporations.

"I will part the red tape," said Mitt Romney. "Allowing over a trillion dollars to return home. Home to the Promised Land."

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