SNL’s Season Finale: Lady Gaga Goes Gaga Over Justin Timberlake’s “Junk in a Box” Song

New York, New York --

"Knock! Knock!"

Lady Gaga opened her Saturday Night (SNL) dressing room door to catch Justin Timberlake adjusting a colorfully wrapped box with a bow attached on top, which he held at waist level.

"What’s that?" asked Lady Gaga. "Is it for me?"

"Yes, yes it is," replied Justin Timberlake as he paused to catch his breath.

"Well, what is it?" asked Lady Gaga.

"It’s just a box," replied Justin Timberlake.

"I know that, silly," said Lady Gaga as she returned to her seat in front of her dresser. "But what’s in it?"

"My Grammy award winning song from SNL: ‘Junk in a Box,’," said Justin Timberlake.

"Oh, that’s so nice of you," said Lady Gaga as she prepared to take the stage. "But aren’t CDs a little old school these days?"

"Well, you might say this is an original version...uncut," said Justin Timberlake. "In fact, you might want to open it right now. Or…"

"Or what?" said Lady Gaga as she stood on her feet, staring down at the box still attached to Justin Timberlake's waist.

"Or you’ll have to dive me to the hospital, because it’s been a little more than four hours since I slipped on the box. You see, I was born this way too -- Where’s Andy? He was supposed to be here?"

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