Osama bin Laden Falls Victim to SNL’s "Land Shark" Comedy Skit

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Initial reports are still kind of sketchy at this time, however, it is rumored that Osama bin Laden spent his last breath laughing himself to death when he opened his bedroom door at his million dollar Pakistani compound hideout, a victim basically to an old modified knock-knock joke.

Apparently, Osama arose from his mattress to answer his bedroom door only to find a U.S. Special Forces Navy SEAL dressed in an old "Land Shark" costume from a Saturday Night (SNL) comedy skit of the same name, aiming the business end of a barrel of a machinegun at his head.

"Finger on a hairline trigger, ready to fire at close range a ‘Double Tap’ shot: one to the head and the other to the chest," said a spokesman from the State Department.

"You guys are really great," Osama reportedly said in a familiar and relaxed tone as he turned his back, reaching under his mattress pulling out wads of cash. "The best yet, ever! You know, you guys really had me fooled this time. If it weren’t for your silly ‘Land Shark’ suits, I really would’ve thought you were really Americans, finally coming to get me. Now here, take this money and leave your report on how I can improve my compound security on the living room table on your way out. I’ll review it first thing in the morning."

However, when the SEAL repeated his orders for Osama to surrender, suddenly he realized something was wrong and instinctively reached for his AK-47.

Just then, the SEAL enveloped the head and upper torso of Osama, using the mouth of his SNL "Land Shark" costume to consume him.

Later, the body was disposed at sea.

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