Rescued Chilean Miners’ 15-Minutes of Fame Over Already?

Santiago, Chile --

A major breakfast cereal manufacturer announced today that it is canceling its plans to place all 33 faces of the rescued Chilean miners on a special collector’s edition of its most popular brand of cereal.

The decision came down from the corporate office when a dispute between the miners arose over whether they should all appear on a signal cereal box cover, or each appear separately on their own respective box of cereal.

“Sometime during negotiations it seems the cereal company, along with the public, simply lost interest,” said a spokesman for the miners at a nearly empty press conference to yawning reporters.

Other evidence that the miners may have exhausted their 15-minutes of fame came when paparazzi style photographs surfaced depicting dozens of the miners in candid moments of domesticity from taking out the trash, picking up after the family dog to sleeping on the couch. While other pictures showed the unmarried miners having to pay for their own drinks and lap dances at the local bar.

Despite the sensationalism of the shots, however, no buyer could be found for the photos.

“I’m going back to Hollywood to see if Lindsey Lohan is out of rehab again,” said a paparazzo who had been stalking the miners since their release. “If I hang around here much longer, I’ll starve.”

“They’re down to a ribbon cutting ceremony at the neighborhood grocery store in the morning,” continued the spokesman for the miners. “After that, they hit rock bottom. And have to star on their own reality TV show, if they expect to milk any more money out of what is left of their last remaining 15-minutes fame.”

No word as to whether the miners will be appearing all together on one reality TV show, or 33 separate ones.

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