Sarah Palin Wrote on the Foreheads of the ‘Tea Party’ Audience Too, Video Shows

Nashville, Tennessee --

A new video from the first ‘Tea Party’ convention has surfaced that is certain to fan the flames under Sarah Palin’s address in which she used a homemade ‘telepalmter’ during her speech. The incriminating footage taken from the backstage quickly pans the front row reserved for VIPs, event sponsors and their employees. A close-up freeze-frame shot clearly shows the entire front row audience with cheat notes scrawled across their foreheads.

Handwriting experts have confirmed that it is definitely the rest of Sarah Palin’s speech she started on the left palm of her hand.

“We all knew there wasn’t enough room on her hand for all of her speech,” said a handwriting expert “We just didn’t know where she put the rest of it…until now.”

“I had no idea Sarah Palin was using me as a human teleprompter,” said Homer Johnson, the ‘Tea Party’ attendee that unknowingly had the conclusion of Sarah Palin’s convention speech written on his forehead. “But come to think of it. It kind of all makes sense now.”

Homer says when he got up to use the restroom he wondered why Sarah Palin paused her speech, waiting for his return.

“I thought she was just being polite,” Homer said.

As Sarah Palin waited for Homer to return, she stood silently on the stage biding her time by taking several drinks of water and occasionally interacting with the audience on off topic subjects trying to kill time.

“Excuse me,” said Sarah Palin pointing to her throat as the audience looked about the room wondering what was going on. “I’m a bit dry.”

After holding the glass of water up to her mouth for several minutes, she finally finished drinking. Then while holding the empty glass upside down above her head, tapping the bottom of it to demonstrate to the audience she was out of water, she gestured for some more.

As a man walked on stage with a pitcher full of water, pouring some into her empty glass, the microphone picked up Sarah Palin making an inquiry, whispering into the man’s ear as to the whereabouts of the missing gentleman in the front row.

“I’ sorry,” whispered back the man holding the water pitcher. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. But I’ll check into it.”

“You know what,” said Sarah Palin to the man as he was about to walk away with the pitcher of water as she glanced at her wristwatch. “It may be better if you just leave the pitcher.”

That was when Homer finally retuned to his seat.

“Okay,” said Sarah Palin as she adjusted her eyeglasses, squinting to refocus on Homer’s forehead in the front row. “Lets see…where was I now?”

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