Jay Leno Issues Gag NBC Memo: “Beat-up a Late Night Ginger Talk Show Host Day!”

Burbank, California --

‘South Park’s’ ‘Beat-up a Ginger Day’ has spread from the schoolyard playground to the late night TV talk show circuit as physically assaulting redheaded freckle faced kids now includes picking on late night ginger talk show hosts, too.

“Why me?” reportedly said Conan O’Brien host of the ‘The Tonight Show’ as he was being beaten on the back lot of the sound stage where he tapes his late night show at NBC.

Security video could not clearly identify O’Brien’s assailants, but they appeared to be well-dressed individuals, possibly NBC executives.

Police attribute the attack to a NBC memo being circulated earlier in the week that declared it open season on gingers. But NBC executives deny issuing it.

“Come on. It was just a joke, beat-up a ginger day. That’s funny,” said Jay Leno at a press conference. “Don’t you people know funny anymore? Hey, anybody want to go for a ride on my mini-me race car track?”

While recovering at the hospital, O’Brien was told the news by NBC executives that his ‘Today Show’ was being pushed back to 12:05 am.

“Wait,” said Conan O’Brien from his hospital bed. “You guys aren’t here just to tell me I’m being pushed back are you? Because I already heard the news.”

“Well…” said one of the three NBC executives pulling out a copy of Jay Leno’s gag memo as the other two closed the hospital door and switched off the lights in the room. “Not exactly.”

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