Meredith Baxter Confesses: “How giving birth to Michael J. Fox made me gay.”

New York, New York --

“Well, not literally give birth to him, but his fictional conservative character, Alex P. Keaton, he portrayed on the show 'Family Ties,” said Meredith Baxter one of America’s favorite sitcom TV moms that admits that she has been living the lesbian lifestyle for the past seven years.

“I know people didn’t choose to be gay,” says Baxter. “But sometimes, some things…or as in my case, somebody, just drives you to it.”

As Baxter explained it, she never knew she had feelings for other women until seven years ago when she finally sat down to watch reruns of the 1980s sitcom on cable TV.

“I never watched the show before,” said Baxter, who has two grown biological children of her own, a product from a former heterosexual marriage. “So when I finally did, I was so repulsed by Michael J. Fox’s conservative character that I said to myself, ‘You got to make that up to the world somehow.”

Baxter got sick to her stomach when she realized that she acted as the surrogate mother, contributing to the rebirth of the conservative movement in the 1980s by bearing its poster child, Alex P. Keaton, in her womb.

“Now, I know how Rosemary felt in ‘Rosemary’s Baby,” said Baxter. “It just kills me to think how many kids Alex P. Keaton turned on to conservatism, making them think it was cool. I should’ve drowned him in the bathtub.”

After several days of soul-searching, while aboard a cruse ship with 1,200 other lesbians, Baxter came up with an idea.

“I got it!” said Baxter while having a midnight snack at the all-night, all-you-can-eat buffet. “I’ll make it up to the world by becoming a lesbian!”

Asked how being gay compared to being straight having experienced both lifestyles, Baxter replied: “Being a lesbian is just like being a straight woman, except without the fear of morning sickness, or having to put the seat down in the middle of the night.”

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