SNL Catches Hell for Its Obama 'Nothing' Skit

New York, New York --
Looking, sounding and acting conspicuously much less convincing than any of his first impersonations of then presidential candidate Barack Obama last season, a brave Fred Armisen nevertheless went on Saturday Night Live (SNL) delivering a political skit that perhaps he sensed have become much expected of the 'Not Ready for Prime Time Players' lately. Lending to the show through their talented performances, whether earned of not, its reputation of being the country's cracker barrel form which it draws its political insights and perhaps even strength, not through acts of violent protest, but rather through peaceful more effective laughter in the face of an age of rendition.

Only this time around unlike SNL's Barack Obama skits from last season, which portrayed him through exaggeration, as a Superman that could change the world for the good. It now dared portrayed him without his super suit and cape. The 'Man of Steel' unmasked, naked and exposed for his mortal shortcomings, a shill of his superhero self. Just like anyone of the rest of us.

"It's unfair for SNL to portray Obama like that," echoed the sentiment of liberal talk radio show hosts that took to the airwaves with their discontent, equally between Fred Armisen version of Obama and the SNL satirical comedy sketch critiquing the president's performance in office so far. "He has only had nine months in office. Besides Fred Armisen didn't even look or sound like Obama. Where's Tina Fey anyways? Can't Lorne Michaels bring her back to do Sarah Palin again?"

"I can personally assure you, SNL has only one political objective: comedy," said a spokesman for Lorne Michaels, the show's creator and executive producer. Lorne Michaels himself stood right next to the spokesman at the podium, whispering in his ear what too say at the news conference.

"Now, we all had a good laugh at the last administration and the Republican Party," said the spokesman, having to pause from time to time to allow Lorne Michaels to lean over and continue to whisper into his ear. "But one would think that after nine months the new administration would...own it. Besides, have you seen the tax bracket... I'll fall into if he lets the tax cuts on the rich expire? It's...ludicrous. I can't take that out of my writers'... salaries. All of them are months behind in their... dressing room rent as it is now, or drawing on payday advances, so they don't have to go to the NBC commissary...dumpster to get a hot meal."

Lorne Michaels went on to say, through his spokesman, that SNL would continue to poke fun of any administration that threatens the national integrity of his beloved country, Canada, or his tax bracket in the United States of America.

"SNL exposed him [Obama] as the politician that he has become, or that he was all along. That's all," said a disillusioned Obama supporter. "But then again, he is better than what we had before. But for how long?"

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