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Obama Releases Birth Certificate to Distract Nation from Woes

Washington, D.C. --

Taking to the podium, using it as a bully pulpit, President Obama not only announced the release of his long form version of his birth certificate today, he seized upon the opportunity to hypocritically chastise the media for picking up the story of his questionable citizenship and running with it। Rather than focusing on the complex issues the nation faces.

"Why now?" rhetorically asked a Birther who declined to be identified. "He had all this time to release it and he chooses today?"

Critics suspect the president deliberately withheld his long form birth certificate from the public, saving it up for a rainy day.

"It’s obvious Obama timed the release of his birth certificate to coincide with a strategic political move on his part. Intended to distract the nation from its real problems," said Albert Armstrong, a political pundit.

Armstrong calls on Congress to investigate the matter.

"If it is found that the president did withhold his birth certificate and choose to release it just now to distract the nation," said Armstrong. "He should be impeached."

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