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Starbucks at Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Yo Ho-Ho And a Double Mocha Latte!?

Anaheim, California –

Starbucks and Disneyland have entered into a business alliance, agreeing to sell each other’s merchandise at each other’s establishments. The Seattle-based coffeehouse mogul’s patrons will be able to purchase Disneyland tickets at the counter, while Disneyland park goers will be able to order a cup of hot Java.

The decision to pair up for a joint venture came when a marketing survey commissioned by both the commercial titans showed Starbucks customers are acclimated to paying Disneyland prices, which is through the nose.

Park planners promise the changes will hardly be noticed.

“The first Starbucks will blend in with the theme park's multiple motifs,” said a spokesman for Disneyland. “Beginning with the ever-popular Pirates of the Caribbean ride.”

Modifications to the ride was last done early last decade when it was thought having a pirate (who by definition of occupation rapes, pillages and plunders) chase a woman around and around was politically incorrect.

“So we had the woman carry a plate a food,” explained the spokesman for Disneyland.

Making believe the pirate was chasing that instead of the woman, which lasted until the recent recession when the plate of food was taken down out of an abundance of caution.

“We didn’t want to appear as if we were contributing to the nation’s current food insecurity crisis,” said a spokesman for Disneyland.

Now the pursuer is the pursued as a Starbucks’ barista will be chasing the pirate, attempting to take his order.

Moreover, instead of raping, pillaging and plundering, now the Pirates of the Caribbean will be sitting down at an open-air café.

"Sipping on Starbucks’ coffee, espresso and double mocha lattes, while typing away on their laptops, Smart Phones and iPads," said a spokesman for Starbucks.

Not all changes will be visible to the naked eye, however. But rather heard with the ear, as modifications made to the lyrics of the Pirate’s of the Caribbean song is the most notable.

“Long gone are the lyrics: ‘Yo Ho-ho a Pirate's Life for Me,” said the Disney spokesman. “The Pirates of the Caribbean will now sing: ‘Yo Ho-ho a Barista’s Life for Me.”

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