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Obama to Trump: "You’re Fired! Not Me!"

Washington, D.C. --

Despite not mentioning Donald Trump by name during the press conference, which he broached the subject of his long form birth certificate by finally releasing it, President Obama inadvertently let be known his true feelings regarding the real estate mogul turned Reality TV show host. When he was overheard speaking to himself beneath his breath, while making a fist pump gesture: "You’re fired!Not me!"

"Apparently an open microphone picked up the president’s voice as he was walking away from the podium," said a White House spokesman. "However, that doesn’t necessarily prove those remarks were directed to Mr. Trump."

The White House spokesman then offered up a number of plausible scenarios in which the president’s comments could be alternatively interpreted.

"For instance," continued the spokesman for the White House. "He could have been addressing his ‘You’re fired! Not me!’ comment to any number of his economic advisors, his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, or that guy [Rahm Emmanul] who told him it was a good idea to accept the Nobel Peace Prize."

The White House spokesman then provided the press pool a list of international names, which the president could have been addressing instead of Donald Trump.

"President Obama could have been directing his comments at Col. Qaddafi of Libya, President Bashar al-Assad of Syria," concluded the White House spokesman. "Or even, Queen Elisabeth of England for losing the first family’s invitation to the wedding of the century."

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