Russian Hackers Hack into the Vermont Teddy Bear Company

National Security advisers lineup
outside of Trump Tower
By Robert W. Armijo

Weeks after the mainstream media falsely reported that Russian hackers hacked into the Vermont power grid, the truth comes out.

“They [Russian hackers] didn’t actually hack the power grid,” admitted a spokesman for the office of the governor of Vermont. “But they hacked into the Vermont Teddy Bear Company.”

The Russian hacking group known as ‘Fancy Bears’ then proceeded to design their own bear and then placed it on the web site for sale.

“It’s a Polar bear, of course,” said a spokesman for the Vermont Teddy Bear Company. 

According the company, orders have been quite brisk.

 The largest order for over thousand ‘Fancy Bears’ came from New York City.

 ‘All overnight delivery to Trump Tower,” said the teddy bear company spokesman.

Caption says: National Security advisers lineup 
outside of Trump Tower

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