High School Principal Calls Chick-fil-A Foul

I'm Not Just Yellow. I'm Chicken!
Los Angeles, California –

A high school principal has ban Chick-fil-A from campus, calling it foul. Moreover, she claims she is not acting out of pure political correctness and denies she is merely jumping on the gay rights' bandwagon.

“Allow me to clarify my position on the issue,” said the principal. “I’m not banning Chick-fil-A just because of their stance against same sex marriage. No. I’m banning Chick-fil-A because I, as a woman, find their use of the word ‘Chick’ degrading and offensive to womyn everywhere as well.”

As result of the Chick-fil-A ban, school kids have been smuggling the illegal sandwiches onto campus, forcing school officials to search the student body for the fowl contraband at lunchtime.

“It has created a black-market of sorts,” said a student. “No body really cared for the sandwiches before the ban. But now that they are illegal, everybody wants one.”

“Smoking pot in the bathroom, drinking booze behind the bleachers or getting pregnant by the football coach are out,” said another student. “Chick-fil-A is the cool thing now. It's so gay.”

“The metal detectors really don’t work on chicken,” said the principal, as she tossed yet another confiscated Chick-fi-A in the trashcan. “So at the next school board meeting, I’ll be proposing we reintroduce full body cavity searches.”

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