Fake South African Translator Really a Mime

Sign Language Imposter Just Before His Arrest
Johannesburg, South Africa --

Investigators have determined that the so-called sign language translator for the deaf at the Mendela memoriam was in fact a mime filling in for his sick girlfriend. 

“Evidently, he didn’t want her to get into trouble,” said police. “So he took her place.’

Remarkably, the sign language imposter first went unnoticed by authorities, though he showed up at the event dressed as a mime.

Authorities were alerted that something was wrong when they were flooded with complaints about the sign language translator by viewing members of the hearing impaired community.

“At first, the calls were out of an abundance of concern,” said police. “They thought he was making mistakes because he was overcome with emotion.”

However, when the sign language translator began re-enacting law enforcement’s pursuit of Mendela by doing the running man, both the hearing and the hearing impaired alike knew something was definitely wrong.

Finally, the mime was pulled off the stage.

“Unfortunately, not before he offended everyone with his portrayal of Mendela attempting to escape his political prison cell of 27-years by climbing up an invisible rope,” said police.

After questioning, police were forced to release the mime on his own recognizance, unable to hold him on any criminal charge. 

“Unfortunately, not before he was found dead in his cell, his hands and face still pressed up against an invisible wall in the corner,” said police.

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