Top 10 ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Alternatives

Ever since Ben Bernanke first uttered the words ‘Fiscal Cliff’ early last year, the phrase has entered the American lexicon like a lion, though it exited like a lamb. Even to the extent that it was recently voted the most overused words for the year 2012. Looking back it appears the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ was no cliff at all. So here are some alternative phrases people can use in the future to refer to this much ado about nothing. 

10) The Fiscal Grand Canyon

9) The Fiscal Dear Abby Abyss

8) The Fiscal Arroyo Hoyo

7) The Fiscal Fickle Fissure

6) The Fiscal George Gorge

5) The Fiscal Ronny Baby Ravine

4) The Fiscal double Dutch Ditch

3) The Fiscal Cassandra Crevasse

2) The Fiscal Gullible Golly Gully

1) The Fiscal Bluff

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