Gangnam Style Lifeguards from YouTube Celebrate Rehiring by Making Another Gangnam Style Video

Go-Go Gangnam Style
Los Angeles, California –

The 14 lifeguards fired for allegedly misusing city property when they made a Gangnam Style after-hours workplace parody video that went viral on YouTube got good news today. When in a three to two city council vote ordered the city manager to give them their jobs back.

Anxiously wanting to express their joy at being exonerated, however, the lifeguards could think of no better way to celebrate their victory but to return to the place of their former employment. 

There they set out to reenact the Gangnam Style video, which got them into trouble in the first place.   

“As soon as the lifeguards heard the word that they were going to be rehired, they gathered at the community pool,” said police.

Unfortunately, the lifeguards acted prematurely because the city manager’s office had not yet properly processed their reemployment paperwork.

Police were called after an eyewitness reported seeing a suspicious group of young adults dressed in swimwear at the city plunge.

“They’re dancing Gangnam Style at the front gate of the aquatic center,” said the 911 caller. “And they got a pair of bolt cutters. And they’re video taping themselves with cell phones, too.”

“Apparently the lifeguards mistook the city council vote to reinstate them as tacit approval to use city property as they saw fit,” police said. 

Police caught the lifeguards trespassing on the community pool property and in the act of video taping another Gangnam Style video.  

Details of the arrest was caught on tape. However, if you are looking forward to watching the latest version of the lifeguards’ Gangnam Style video on YouTube like the first one, you will have to wait awhile as it has been confiscated by police as evidence.

“They cut the lock and entered the pool unlawfully,” said police. “So they’ll be charged with breaking and entering, damaging city property, trespassing and filming within the city limits without a permit.”

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