U.S. Rushes to Clothe Olympic Team with the ‘Made in America’ Label

London, England --

Now to the untrained eye, the American Olympic team when they make their appearance at both the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic in London, England, will without a doubt appear to be butt naked.

“Only they really won’t be," said Cecil Jackson, the retired textile foremen subcontracted to make the new uniforms right here in America. "Its just that a little more skin will be visible through their newly ‘Made in American’ uniforms than everybody would have liked.”

The rush to clothe the U.S. Olympic team in uniforms with the ‘Made in America’ label came when it was discovered that Ralph Lauren, the American fashion designer who designed the uniforms had them shipped out to China for manufacturing there, instead of here in America.

So as a matter of national pride, an emergency call was made to the American textile industry to come to the rescue.

However, due to time constraints, and mostly the outsourcing of American’s industrial and manufacturing base, some sacrifices and shortcuts had to be made.

“As a result, the thread count was…Well, a little bare,” said Jackson.

However, it was the only way the entire U.S. Olympic team could be clothed on such short notice.

“Sure they’ll look naked to you and me,” said a spokesman for the U.S. Olympic team. “But at least they’ll be wearing clothes made right here in the old U.S. of A. And when they stand before the world, reaching back to read the clothing label sewn onto their collar, it will proudly say ‘Made in America’.”

“Actually, it will read, ‘Hecho En Mexico’ [Made in Mexico],” said Jackson. “You see, we ran of thread before we could complete the order. So we borrowed a few labels from our neighbors to the South.”

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