Overcast Blamed in Swiss Sunshine Diet Death – Weatherman Facing Manslaughter Charge

London, England –

Swiss authorities investigating the tragic death of a 50-year-old woman whom apparently starved to death while on an Indian guru diet, which consists of nothing but sunshine, surprised everyone today by declaring the local weatherman a person of interest in this bazaar case.

“The woman managed to live on nothing but pure sunshine for over a week,” said police.

That was, however, until the second week when she tuned into the local TV station for a weather report.

“The weatherman failed to mention overcast in the afternoon that fatal day,” said police.

As the woman laid out on a towel in her backyard for lunch, she was caught off guard by a sudden graying of the sky.

“Her husband come to her aid with a sunlamp,” said police. “But the extension cord wasn’t long enough.”

“No!!!” yelled out the husband as he fell to his knees, just feet away from his dying wife. Unplugged sunlamp in hand.

Later, paramedics attempted to revive the woman with their flashlights.

“But they weren’t powerful enough,” said the attending emergency physician who called the time of death.

“They say every cloud has a silver lining,” said the deceased woman’s distraught husband. “If that’s true, then the police will arrest and charge my wife’s killer with her death.”

“Tomorrow’s forecast?” said the local weatherman during his final broadcast. Police waiting in the studio to take him into custody, standing just out of sight of the cameras. “Rain.”

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