U2 Fans Miss Concert at Rose Bowl Standing in Line for H1N1 Flu Shot by Mistake

Pasadena, California --

Several dozen U2 fans throughout Pasadena mistakenly queued up in a H1N1 flu shot line today, thinking they were waiting for the music concert. “We saw the long line and thought it was for the U2 concert,” said a fan of the Irish rock band. “So we jumped out of the car and got in it.”

Hours later, after they all got their H1N1 vaccination, the U2 fans learned of their mistake.

“We were so bummed out,” said one U2 fan speaking for the rest all rubbing their left arms.

That was until Bono heard of their plight and sent a limo to pick them up and gave them backstage passes to attend an after concert party at the Rose Bowl. As they gather backstage, Bono suddenly appeared with entourage not of fans and groupies, but reporters and news photographers.

“I want to thank these special fans,” said Bono, while he hugged two of the U2 fans on either side of him that just got their flu shot by accident. “For their role in bring up social awareness of the H1N1 flu shot vaccination program in America... America. It’s people like these that make a difference in the world. They’re the real heroes.”

Then, just as they all posed for a group photo, someone quickly handed Bono another humanitarian of the year award.

“Wait,” said Bono as all at the backstage party fell silent. “Is that a little kitty I hear in distress stuck up a tree somewhere? Sorry folks duty calls. The Edge, Adam and Larry, I’ll see y-all at our next concert.”

With a single leap, bound and flap of his black leather jacket, Bono soared off into the sky.

Copyright © 2008-9 by Robert W. Armijo

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