YouTube's Girl Fight Club license approved by Nevada Boxing Commission

Las Vegas, Nevada - Contrary to its official policy to red flag any viral video that depicts unnecessary violence, YouTube proudly announced today that the Nevada Boxing Commission finally approved its application for an online fight club. The news could not come at a worst time for YouTube as the controversy over a video posted on the popular website showing a girl gang fight resulted in teens being charged as adults, and the violent images repeatedly playing in the media and talk shows across the nation.

"We admit the timing couldn't be better - ah, I mean worst," said a spokesman for YouTube. "But the fact of the matter is that we filed for a girl fight club application months ago - ah, I mean just days ago."

Remarkably, YouTube claims that it fight club license will not change its policy toward violence and that they will continue to red flag all viral videos that show unnecessary violence. In fact, they plan to upgrade the red flagging system to help better identify videos containing violent images posted on its website.

"We are upgrading our red flagging system as we speak," said a spokesman for YouTune. "It now includes Light Weight and Feather Weight class divisions."

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