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NASA to Get People on Mars by 2030s Using New Experimental Dehydration, Re-hydration Process

Once on the surface of Mars, astronauts will be able to find water.

By Robert W. Armijo

“We got the dehydration process down pat,” said a NASA spokesman. “It’s the re-hydration process that we’re having trouble with.” 


 If proven successful, astronauts will be dehydrated while on earth, launched into space and then re-hydrated as they approach the red planet.

 With water being such a precious commodity aboard the spacecraft, only one astronaut will be permitted to remain awake during the journey to Mars.

The Ship Orion Expected to Take Man to Mars

 “All calculations prove the ship Orion (see photo on left) can only carry enough water on-board to sustain one person for the long flight to Mars,” said NASA.

The duty to re-hydrate the fellow crew members will fall to that one lone astronaut.


"That’s not the problem though,” said NASA, explaining the situation. “The problem is finding an astronaut with a big enough bladder, as they will be required to re-hydrate the entire crew with their own urine."

NASA diagram depicting the astronaut-to-astronaut urine re-hydration process. 

“If it works, it will be as if they were in suspended animation,” said NASA. “Hey, maybe we should give that a try first?”




NASA is also said to be experimenting with a freeze dried process.


However, that is not going as well.


“You know, it works and everything,” said NASA. “But our astronauts keep complaining about the freezer burn.”

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