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Congress’s Weiner Resigns!

Over Over Overexposure!

Washington, D.C. --

Standing shirtless behind a podium at a press conference he called, Congressman Anthony Weiner (D) or "Mr. Weiner" delivered his much-anticipated resignation for sexting young attractive women, pictures of his half-naked body and his nearly and at times fully exposed "frankfurter".

“There,” said Weiner as he spoke to the room filled with reporters, finally looking up at them from his BlackBerry. His hands gripping both side of the podium in an authoritative yet still defiant manner. “I just instant messaged all of you a copy of my resignation. You should get it momentarily.”

But the room full of seasoned reporters looked down at their mobile devices just to see a blank screen staring back at them.

“What? You didn’t get it yet?” asked a surprised Weiner. But his perplexed and puzzled expression soon gave way as he applied his nerd-like technical expertise to quickly resolved the issue.

“Ah, I see the problem,” said Weiner looking down at his BlackBerry. “I forgot to press the send button.”

With his hands still gripping the sides of the podium, Weiner, with gyrating hips and a quick forward thrust, shook and rocked the podium.

“There,” said Weiner reassuringly. “You should get it now.”

The crowd of reporters too horrified and shocked to ask any questions just let out a gasped instead.

As Weiner looked up, the perplexed and puzzled expression of before returned to his face.

“What?” said an unapologetic and sincerely clueless Weiner. “It’s a hands-free device.”

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