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France Officially Passes the Torch to Russia

By Robert W. Armijo

Once upon a time in America when paranoia took control, french fries were ban from the cafeterias of the House of Representatives on Capitol Hill and re-branded "Freedom Fries".  


Is Russian salad dressing the next french fries? 

Let us have the collective courage to never ever relive those dark days ever again!

...On the other hand, is it really just a coincidence that both the French and Russian flags share the same colors? 



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Freedom Fries Free to Be French…for a Day

America’s Oldest Ally: France
Washington, D.C. –

To show its support for the people of France in the wake of the latest deadly terrorist attack on the French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo and outright assault on free speech, the US Congress immediately introduced a bill to the floor calling for the renaming of ‘freedom fries’, restoring their original name: french fries. 

The ban on the use of the term anything and everything French first arose in 2003 when the French government declined to support or participate in the invasion of Iraq. 

“The French government’s opposition to the Iraq War is all but forgotten on Capitol Hill,” said a US Congressman. “And prove it, we will be voting on a bill to lift the ban on calling french fries, french fries.”

If and when the Anti-Anti-French Fries bill passes, cafeterias that service the Congress will be allowed to change their menus to read french fries again.

“Mind you, the ban will be lifted only for a day,” said the Congressman. “After that french fries revert back to ‘freedom fries’.” 

“Also,” added the Congressman. “The bill only applies to french fries. The ban on French toast, French’s mustard, French-kissing and Mr. French from the 1960s sitcom Family Affair is still in enforce.”

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