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Donald Trump’s 10-Year-Old Grandson Tweets for His Grandpa Trump

By Robert W. Armijo

Donald Trump confirmed that he does not actually type out his Tweets for his Twitter account. 

“He dictates them to an aide who then types them out on the Twitter platform for him,” said spokesman for Trump.

However, someone from the Trump camp leaked out that the so-called aide that is doing the typing is actually Trump’s 10-year-old grandson. 

“That would explain the adolescent colloquial diction,” said Prof. Peter Johnson, a linguist who teaches at the University of Cassandra and who was a movie consultant on the Hollywood blockbuster, 'Arrival'".
According to Prof. Johnson, Trump’s Tweets are not merely being type out by his grandson, but they are being translated by the immature mind of a prepubescent a 10-year-old boy.  

“It is obvious the boy is translating his grandfather’s adult diction into the vocabulary his knows best and that is one of a minor,” said Prof. Johnson. 

Prof. Johnson points the over use of monosyllable sarcastic words as well like “Wow”, “Nice” and “Really???’

“Note the use of over punctuation in the use of the question mark with the use of the ‘Really,” said Prof. Johnson.  “It is an added infection to denote extreme sarcasm.”

According to Prof. Johnson, children often resort to sarcasm and extreme sacrum as a coping mechanism or tool to convey their frustration with a topic or subject that they really, really do not grasp or understand. 

Prof. Johnson says he is surprised that Trump’s grandson has not yet used emoji's as a new form of self expression.

“Perhaps he has not discovered that feature on his smart phone. Or he has not figured out how to override the parental lock on them just yet,” said Prof. Johnson. “And for good reason, too. You do not want a 10-year-old boy anywhere near the bomb emoji Tweeting for someone who has direct access to our nation’s nuclear codes. That could prove most disastrous in the end.”

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Top Five Ways Russian Hackers Influenced the American Presidential Election of 2016

♫Tomorrow, tomorrow…

You’re always a day away♫

By Robert W. Armijo

#5) Russia hacked into all the political polls (except one) projecting Hillary Clinton as the winner. Thereby luring the Clinton campaign into a false sense of security and thus loosing the election to Donald Trump. 

#4) Russia hacked into the electrical college encouraging members to defect from Donald Trump and instead cast their vote for Hillary Clinton – No. Wait. That was Hillary Clinton supporters.   

#3) Russia hacked into the Green Party server, demanding a recount in key states that Donald Trump carried. 

#2) Russia hacked into the popular vote, giving Hillary Clinton 2.9 million more votes than Donald Trump -- If they hadn't, she would have lost the popular vote as well. Donald Trump actually won the popular vote and by five million, too. 

"I got zilch here, people."

#1) Russia hacked into the Democratic National Committee (DNC) server, resulting in the 2016  nomination of Hillary Clinton for the presidency of the United States of America.  

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Trump Buys Rights to ‘Devil with a Blue Dress On’ Music as His Official Campaign Song

♫Devil with the blue dress, blue dress,
blue dress. Devil with the blue dress on♫

By Robert W. Armijo

After being served a cease and desist letter prohibiting him from playing ‘Start Me Up’ and other songs by the Rolling Stones at his campaign rallies, Donald Trump announced that he has secured the rights to ‘Devil with a Blue Dress On’ song by Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels.

Trump also confirmed that it would be his official campaign song as well. 

When asked by reporters why he chose that particular song, Donald Trump replied, “I don’t really know. May be because it’s got catchy lyrics and it’s got a good beat. I guess.”

Reporters then asked if there was any subtext to the song’s lyrics and that of Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress stained with President Clinton’s DNA.

“I cannot confirm or deny that rumor,” said Trump while hardly attempting to disguise a smile on his face. “But we’ll see. We’ll see.”

Trump then walked off stage with the music ‘Devil with a Blue Dress On’ playing loudly in the background.  

Trump Secretly Offers Monica Lewinsky 1 Million Dollars for Her Presidential Stained Blue Dress

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