President Donald Trump to Israel: “I Am Who I Am. I Am Your Deliver!”

By Robert W. Armijo

“Listen, if you think Moses delivered you from bondage,” said President Trump at a press conference, where he announced the United States of America would recognize the city of Jerusalem as Israel's state capitol by moving an embassy there. “Just wait and see what I can do for you next.”

A member of the Israeli press then asked the president what he meant by his comment.

President Trump shrugged his shoulders and added, “I am who I am. I am your deliver!”

A member of the president’s staff approached the podium in attempt to clarify the leader of the free world’s comments.

“I think what the president means,” said the staff member. “Is that he is a deliverer of his campaign promises and not literally ‘The Deliverer’ of the Children of the Light.”

“Nope,” said President Trump. “I am saying if God Jehovah himself would have appointed me to deliver you [Israel] from Egypt instead of this guy, Moses. Right now two pyramids – not just one -- would be Jewish owned – But Trump Managed – casinos.”

A member of the White House staff then rushed in to announce the conclusion of the press conference.

“And home to the second  largest Yiddish speaking retirement community outside of Miami, Florida!” added the president as he was hurriedly escorted out of the room by his staff.

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